for your lips

Lucious lip balm that calms and conditions, helping to restore and your support lips’ natural moisture barrier, making lips...well, happy!

We have crafted three unique lip balms to drench your lips with moisture and protect with a gentle dose of 40mg of Pure Cannabidiol (CBD) isolate. 

Our HAPPY LIPS balms are designed to be a delicious and natural solution to seasonal changes that affect the condition of your lips. Once applied you can feel the effects almost immediately, making your lips feel smooth supple and soft.



Three delicious flavors:

HERBAL - sage, bergamot, rosemary, spruce and a touch of citrus lemongrass.

CITRUS - tangy tangerine and lemongrass with sweet and honeyed neroli.

ROSA MINT - delicate floral rose with cool peppermint.

Oh and the 100% compostable packaging means you can literally bury it in the ground when you are done!

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