5 ways to Start + Maintain healthy habits in 2020.

Ok so its New Years and everyone is talking about resolutions, but resolutions are hard to keep and easy to break. We commit to a goal and when the inevitable life thing gets in the way and pushes us off track we feel the frustration and sense of failure. A more failsafe way to look at achieving the benefits of resolutions is to look at establishing some healthy habits. As a crafter of CBD products we see and feel the benefits of building a practice of self care, and how those momentary actions can cumulatively add up to long term benefits.

This year we are turning to Rae Broderick, Yoga Guide, Holistic Health Coach, and Eliza & Wyld Wellness Advisor for her tips on now to start a healthy 2020, and carry your self care practice through the year.

We are a few days away from January 1 and not only are we looking down the pike at a new year but a new decade, as well. If this particular countdown ‘til midnight is more gulp than #goals, fear not. Forget “new year, new you”. You are perfect just as you are. That being said, if you do have some (not so) crystal clear ideas and intentions for 2020, I’ve got some helpful hints on sparking that fire and keeping it lit so that the only ball being dropped this year is the one in Times Square.

1. Start small. According to recent studies, most people give up on their New Year’s goals by January 12. Um, what now? This happens because we often set the benchmark way too high. Remember: this is a (figurative) marathon, not a sprint. Be realistic in what you can accomplish. If you know that working out at the gym five days a week is nearly impossible with your work schedule and will only cause you more stress and chaos, find a commitment that suits your lifestyle, not that of the Instagram celebrity whose abs you emulate. Know, too, that not all goals are/have to be health and wellness related. Maybe you have your heart set on a dream vay-cay or paying off student loans. Whatever it is, break the bigger picture down into manageable parts so that you can take one step toward it each and every day. A little bit of feel good goes a long way and, if you manage a bit more than you expected, that’s just a bonus.

2. Make a plan, be specific + be positive. So you want to eat more nutritious foods. Great but what does that mean exactly? The more specific you are with your goals, the easier it will be to crush them. If upping your greens is tantamount to a happier, healthier you, perhaps you aim to add them to one meal every day. If you want to drink more water, get clear on ounces or a number of glasses you want to consume. Again, the goal is small but far from vague. Write it out. Save it in a file on your desktop. Jot it down in the Notes section of your phone. Don’t leave it floating it around your head. That visual will help guide + remind you of all that you want to achieve. In terms of positivity, don’t think of things in terms of what you are giving up, sacrificing or missing out on to meet your mark but what you are adding, receiving + contributing to your life that makes it worthwhile. For example, if you love chocolate, don’t restrict yourself from having it. Doing so will more often than not have you craving it even more. Have your greens + eat your cake, too.

3. Do what you like find your own way. So often I see people try to fit themselves into boxes that aren’t their boxes because they think that’s what they need to do based on societal and other external pressures. If you don’t like running, please don’t make your goal registering for a marathon. If kale makes you gag, eat a different veg. If giving up your morning cup of coffee makes you want to claw your neighbors’ eyes out, add a dollar to a jar every time you hit up your local café or take the longer route to work so that you’re still contributing to your savings or getting in some extra movement. You need to like what you are doing, otherwise, your goal is going to be negatively charged with bad vibes + be a constant uphill battle. In a nutshell, you won’t want to do it and you most likely won’t. Drop the struggle. I get that it’s not possible for every moment to be rainbows and sunshine but at least give yourself a shot by doing what you love.

4. Give yourself permission to change. It can be easy to get so locked into our goal that we lose sight of the experience and how we are actually feeling throughout the process. While having a rough idea of what you want and where you are going can be helpful, don’t let it overrule your gut instinct + intuition. There is very little within our control, so, if we give ourselves permission and space to change our minds, stay present and meet ourselves where we are on any given day, we will more likely to accomplish what we set out to achieve with much less effort and strife and a whole lot more compassion and kindness toward ourselves.

5. Community. I know that you may want to keep your goals close to your chest in case you “fail” but having even one or two trusty folks who will support you and hold you accountable goes a long way. The fact that you would even make the effort to tell them what your goals are will let them know how important they (your goals and these people) are in your life. When you are doubting or talking yourself out of making those tiny steps forward, these are the people on the sidelines with the foam fingers and the big signs encouraging you to keep going. They will also call you out on your crap and can oftentimes help you to identify patterns of self-sabotage that you oftentimes don’t see because you are in your head and in your body all day, every day. If you’re game, you can also expand your reach to the land of social media and connect with others looking to achieve similar goals. Instagram and the like can be a great way to track progress and give you a sense of answerability if you know others are seeking support and motivation, too. Also, feel free to unfollow any and all accounts that trigger insecurities or make you feel less than. And, yes, sometimes this includes “friends” and trending topics that others may find inspiring. Surround yourself with those that are going to unconditionally uplift you and support you in being the best version of yourself possible.

Rachel Broderick is an international Yoga + Wellness Guide based in Woodstock, NY. She is the founder + owner of Root. Yoga + Wellness + a true believer in creating a life you love rooted in peace, love + ease. rootyogawellness.com

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