Dosing Guide with Eliza & Wyld DAILY CBD+MCT 600mg

Finding your dose is a very individual thing. We have tried to make it easier for you to get started with Eliza & Wyld DAILY CBD+MCT tincture by creating a dosing card that you receive with your purchase, or to download here.

We decided to focus on one strength of oil for the short term as 600mg is the perfect potency to dose up and down depending on your requirements.

The reasons why you have decided to start taking CBD should influence the point from which you start.

Moderate - If you are experiencing chronic pain or severe anxiety or stress you may want to start at the moderate level and even dose up after a period of time.

Mild - If you are experiencing milder symptoms or are looking to add CBD into your diet as a supplement you may wish to start with the milder dose.

Our Dose Chart below shows our suggested three-week integration strategy to get you started slowly and thoughtfully. We suggest a gradual increase in dose over three weeks with you taking either a small dose based on mild symptoms or more moderate symptoms.

Is it working?

While a lot of people who are looking to take CBD worry that they will feel the effects of CBD (will feel high or woozy) others worry that the CBD is doing nothing at all. In fact these are the most common conversations we have with our potential customers. You will not feel high while taking Eliza & Wyld DAILY CBD+MCT, its is non psychoactive and contains only trace levels of THC.

We find the easiest way to assess whether the CBD is working is firstly to ask yourself is the pain subsiding? Are you noticing you are moving more easily, do you 'forget' about the pain or symptoms? Essentially one of the best ways to know if your dose of CBD is right for you is if you can go on as usual with the absence of pain or feeling anxiety. If after the three-week integration you are still feeling symptoms as severely as before you should try upping the dose for another three weeks and reassessing afterwards.

We would be happy to discuss your reasons for choosing CBD to treat your symptoms and provide some support while getting started. Just drop a line to and we can arrange a time to discuss it with you.

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