Finding calm amongst chaos

3 Strategies to Reduce Stress When You Feel Out of Control by Aubree Henderson - Self-Worth Coach Listen - we all have those days when everything just feels like too much and life is a little out of control. I'm sure you know the feeling - days where you feel disorganized and overwhelmed, when everyone is getting on your nerves, when nothing feels quite right and you can't find your footing.

In my role as a self-worth coach, I help my clients when they are feeling a sense of chaos, lack of control, or general mess in their lives to shift their mindset and reduce their stress to ultimately center themselves and their wellness. Read on for three strategies you can implement RIGHT NOW to reduce your stress and regain a sense of control in your life.

1. Return to your breath. Our breath is a powerful tool for managing the stress and tension we carry in our bodies. This can be as simple as pausing for 60 seconds to take a few deep breaths - in through your nose, hold for a few seconds, and out through your mouth - or a full guided meditation. You can find a number of my relaxing guided meditations on the Ask Aubree Podcast (available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Anchor, and more).

2. Make a list. Often, the chaos of to-do items and stressors and tasks floating around in our brain is a huge source of our mental fog. Take a second to clear that stuff out of your brain and jot it down. Whether it’s on a sheet of paper, a notes app on your phone, or a task management tool like Asana - the act of writing each task down, visually organizing the thoughts into a list, and knowing that it’s there in writing for you to return to and tackle when you’re ready clears some of that clutter from your mind. 

3. Ask for help. It’s easy to forget that self-care also means letting others show us care. This could look like asking for help on a concrete task from your spouse, calling a friend just to hear their voice for a few minutes, or getting advice from someone you trust about something you’re struggling with. If this is a more persistent need for you, it could also look like hiring a life coach or therapist to provide you with consistent space to share what you’re experiencing and offer strategies to manage it.

Remember that you deserve to feel calm and relaxed - you are worthy of living a life that feels manageable and leaves you feeling whole and cared for. 

Aubree Henderson is a counselor turned nonprofit professional and life coach. She lives in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with her wife, Laura. They are foster moms to three amazing kids. Aubree is also host to the Ask Aubree podcast where she answers listener-submitted questions, hosts live coaching sessions, and conducts insightful interviews to help women and LGBTQ+ folks uncover their self-worth.

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