Harvest time!

As we are approaching harvest time we thought it a good time to talk a little about how CBD is grown.

Hemp plants

The world of CBD/ hemp farming exploded when the 2018 Farm Bill passed and now it is legal to grow and sell in most states. Growing CBD is a delicate process and requires a wealth of knowledge and skill.

The Right Conditions

Similar to producing fine wine, growing conditions are extremely important for growing high grade CBD well. In fact the concept of the terroir of cannabis traces back more than 10,000 years to Asia and China. Just as there are many varieties of grapes there are a wide range of strains of cannabis that each have in themselves unique characteristics. Each strain has become very well adapted to specific regions — from Afghanistan to Mexico, Hawaii to Jamaica — and expresses its true essence when grown

Indoor growing

there. The cannabis farming community use the term “landrace,” which comes close in translation to wine’s definition of terroir. Cannabis plants also do well when cultivated indoors which helps farmers achieve a sturdy and consistent product. Ultimately, cannabis that is cultivated outdoors, in the natural soil and according to the elements and growing season, could be said to have much more terroir in the traditional wine sense.

Cannabis plants thrive when they get a lot of water and sunlight and the soil organic and good quality too. Cannabis plants are pretty drought tolerant, but they can get a little sensitive if the soil becomes too dry.

Seeds of Clones

Many Cannabis farmers will use seeds, but there are others who have used clones or plant cuttings. The seeds will take a bit longer to germinate, but they are much more stable when it comes to having strong plants. Cloning high grade CBD plants takes knowledge and expertise from farmers who have been doing this for a few years, clones are much easier to propagate and grow.

Hemp seedlings

CBD farmers will generally germinate their seeds in a greenhouse or with an indoor growing operation. This will help the seeds to get ready to be planted and gives them the strength to grow much faster. Like so much of good agriculture, growing good CBD is a lengthy process.

Time to harvest

hand picked hemp

It takes about 90 to 100 days to get CBD ready to harvest. For small organic farms hemp is harvested by hand and just like large industrial grape production harvest for larger operations will be done using mechanical methods. These processes certainly influence the overall price of the product, it's the difference between choosing a small batch, organically led hand processed product and a larger more mass reduced product. The value of these things from the consumer perspective is a matter of personal choice.

At Eliza & Wyld we work with a group of small local and national organic hemp farms to create our products. The CBD for our full spectrum Daily CBD+MCT oil is grown in the Western Slope region of Colorado an area that has prime conditions for high quality hemp growing. We also work with local producers here in New York state for our topical products who work organically and with attention to the handcrafted produced process giving us a high quality product that is grown sustainably, thoughtfully and with care.

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