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As we are moving forward into this new year and saying goodbye to some of the frustration, grief and emotional drain of 2020 - we are focused on all aspects of being tender to ourselves and practicing self love. The friendship and love from a community of friends and strangers with the shared goal of healing, growing and gaining knowledge can be transformational.

We spoke to Rae Broderick, our Wellness Advisor, yoga guide, holistic health coach, applied astrologist, meditation writer + mama and founder of Root Yoga Wellness: The Studio about why she felt compelled to create 'in community' an 'online and aligned intuitively guided global collective for women' created to provide a safe space for women to gather and express themselves freely and without judgement whilst growing and nurturing themselves through, music, literature, food and movement.

Rae, 'in community' just launched, why this and why now?

In Community came to be through my own journey of tenderness + self-love. 2020 was a doozy + I think many women were confronted with some hard truths about who they are, what they want, creating time for that without feeling guilty + all the rest of that. Most importantly, women were FEELING a hell of a lot. I wanted to create a safe space where women could gather in their power + in their humanness + be supported by other women who are on their own journeys + paths. When we come together in community, we feel less alone, we feel inspired, we feel supported + we feel empowered. That is what I want for myself + what I want for other women.

Who do you think 'in community' is for?

In Community is for women that are craving a connection with like-minded women while also exploring + deepening the relationships they have with themselves. It's for women that want to show up, do some perhaps tougher "work" + truth-seeking with the kindness + support of others.

'in community' is made up of a variety of components - how did you decide what to include in the offering?

As a yoga + intuitive guide, I know that health + wellness isn't solely comprised of how we move our bodies + the food we eat. Wellness is our spirituality, our mental health, our passions + all the other bits that make us who we are at our core. Everything is working together. With this in mind, I wanted to provide a diverse experience with different avenues for women to explore a monthly theme. Everything is connected but there are multiple "ways in" whether that be the essential oil blends we discuss or the book we read. The more of this type of work that I do, the more I see that many of the healing modalities (yoga, meditation, astrology, etc.) are saying the same thing. My goal is to present things that women may not have explored on their own in an easy, accessible + meaningful way.

What are the biggest challenges you feel we are experiencing right now in terms of finding the ability to be tender and kind to ourselves?

I think most women are tired + juggling so many balls in the air. Not the "I'm going to take a nap tired" but just exhausted. I think there is a monotony to day-to-day life that can be hard to come out of. This is another reason why I wanted to create variety within the structure of in community. I also think there is a lot of guilt that comes with taking time for yourself because there is always something else to be done or someone else's needs to consider. Comparative guilt has also been something I've seen a lot of which is comparing your pain to someone else's + feeling like you shouldn't complain because you have it easier than someone else. This brings about its own guilt + shame for being a human + feeling feelings. It's a lot. It's overwhelming. I try to remind myself + my community that even if it's three breaths while you're on the toilet or texting a friend to say you're sad, these baby steps have huge impacts. Even if all I do in a morning is swish some CBD in my mouth + stretch, I feel like that is something. We can be tender to ourselves in so many ways but we need those reminders, we need that support + I think the more women share their stories, the less alone feel + the more space + permission we give ourselves to find our own way.

Without getting too personal do you feel that you could share one way that the experience of Isolation during covid has helped you grow and find a way to get in touch with and tune into yourself more?

I think 2020 really encouraged me to honor how I feel. I always preached about that, do what feels good, but I don't think I was truly living it. Like most people, last year was hard + rather than keep going or burying things so as to not disrupt the apple cart, I dug deep. I stared down some shadows + some truths I was avoiding + I came out the other side stronger, empowered + more sure about my purpose + who I am, what I need + what I want.

What is one takeaway that has surprised you from the first month of 'in community'?

I am surprised with how open everyone is. We have a WhatsApp Group going + it really has just become this place where women lay it out there - the good + the bad. It is filled with such kindness + compassion. I, too, even though I am guiding the group to a certain degree, feel safe sharing + really leaning on these women for support + healing. It's really powerful + beautiful. We are only a few weeks in + I just am already so amazed + I can't wait to see where we go + how bright we shine.

You can find out more about 'in community' membership here and get access to this unique support system. Rae also offers one on one wellness coaching reach out to her at and follow her inspiring journey through intuitive living @raebroderick

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