Self care, a habit, not a treat

With all the commitments of daily life, sometimes it's hard to make time for you. It can be challenging to see yourself as a priority when there are so many things that you need to manage, be that your job, your business, your relationship, or your family.

Being a happier, healthier and more productive person - in most cases requires some tough decisions and some serious shuffling around of priorities.

More than anything it's about creating time to commit to new healthier habits.

The practice of self care as a daily routine may be one of the most important things you can integrate in your life. It doesn't have to be a big bold change, just something achieved in small, meaningful and manageable ways.

Self care to us is a quiet mind, a restful nights sleep, the ability to focus, a moment to soothe yourself, or to relieve your painful muscles. But it takes work, you have to honor yourself by building it into your day. We don't see our products as treats, we have created them to be natural, honest fuel to keep your engine running. To support you and to nourish you.

Here are 5 things you can implement easily into your day, to care for yourself a little better.

1. Meditate - It can be simpler than you think to build this into your life. It could be for 5 minutes in the bathroom when you have had your shower, 5 minutes in the car after the school run, or 5 minutes during your lunch break on a park bench. But try and find the time to quieten the mind and refocus. Apps we use are calm headspace and Sam Harris' brilliant Waking Up.

2. Get some rest - The classic 'get to bed early' advice requires some serious discipline, but is so so worth it. It has been said that every hour you sleep before midnight is worth two after - it's hard to check the science on that, but it has been said that you get more restorative REM sleep earlier in the night, so going to bed earlier is definitely going to help. Cut our screen time an hour before you want to close your eyes and no stimulating exercise or big meals close to bedtime. For more information check out

3. Say no - Sometimes you just have to say no. Its super hard when you have big responsibilities like a job, a family, a business - it's can be easy to just keep taking more and more on. However, remember that a better functioning you, is a better employee, parent, or boss. Sometimes to build and maintain great things - a little push back might be necessary. Here are some tips on saying no with grace and confidence.

4. Remember 80% may just be good enough - You don't have to be a perfectionist to get caught up with this one. So frequently do we find ourselves stressed out and overstretched trying to give our all to each task so they are perfect. Our mantra recently has been 'its better to complete 80% of something than 100% of nothing'. Now of course giving your all at work may be essential to keeping your job! But be honest, is 100% always achievable? Are your standards preventing you from getting things done? Prioritize the essentials and do your best - that's all you can do, and it IS enough.

5. Supplement your routine with a daily dose of CBD - CBD can help to achieve most of the things in points 1-4.

Roll some Eliza & Wyld

Stress Less Roller over your pulse points (temples, wrists and neck) before meditation and let the 250mg of CBD be absorbed through the skin. It can assist in reducing tension in your head and neck, promoting a beneficial environment for mindful practice.

CBD can work by helping reduce the harmful effects of increased cortisol hormone produced by stress and anxiety.

Eliza & Wyld DailyCBD+MCT tincture contains 600mg of CBD rich full spectrum hemp extract to provide a sense of calm and focus. When taken regularly CBD can also promote a healthy sleep pattern by aiding things that effect a good nights sleep, relieving associated pain from inflamed muscles and joints, or by reducing anxiety and promoting a relaxed body and mind.

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