Our mission:

To motivate and empower individuals to harness the power of high quality hemp to fortify their mind, body & soul, through the practice of self-care, self-love, and self-compassion.

Our Motto:

We believe that to be your best you, you have to look after you.

We are all our most productive when we are calm and positive, not when we are stressed and feeling overwhelmed. We know, because this company was built from the need to create space for breathing, believing and being. Self-care to us is a quiet mind, a restful nights sleep, the ability to focus, a moment to soothe yourself or relieve your painful muscles. We don't see our products as treats, we have created them to be natural honest fuel to keep your engine running, to support you, and to nourish you. 


Our Company


Female founded in upstate New York, we bring to you a carefully crafted range of all natural, high potency CBD products designed to give you targeted everyday self care inside and out.


The Eliza & Wyld CBD collection is consciously designed with all natural ingredients and fully recyclable packaging, for wellness with no impact to the planet. 

Our Promise


In an industry that is booming we vow to be true to our core values and principles of creating high quality products with natural ingredients with no synthetic additives, preservatives or artificial components.

We believe the planet should not suffer as a result of the production or consumption of the products we make.

We believe no animal should suffer for the products we make. 

We wholeheartedly believe in transparency and share all rigorous third party lab test results for all our formulations we create. 

I discovered CBD just after my youngest daughter was born. Out of desperation and a need to rid my body of harmful steroid creams to combat eczema and psoriasis, I created a homemade topical cream. I extended the healing with the addition of a full spectrum oil that really supported me as I dealt with the emotional stress of postpartum depression and the challenges that come with building a new life with children.

Our flagship product Comfort Cream was the first product we crafted and is a staple in our household. After some extensive research we found our partner farm to help us develop our first tincture. We knew that we had found a partner who’s excellence and commitment to natural and responsible farming matched our values and principles and the resulting product was as natural as we could get it.

So Just after my second daughter Eliza was born, Eliza & Wyld was born. I named my company after my two biggest muses, my daughters Eliza and Wylder.

I really feel through the creation of them, I found my own direction and focus, they remain my inspiration and provide the drive behind the development of our company.

Each product we make is third party lab tested to ensure that we can be confident of our label claims and the quality that we are delivering. Our ingredients are sourced responsibly and sustainably and we do not use any synthetic additives or preservatives. 

With the confidence and belief in the power of CBD to change lives I built this company during my baby’s nap times and evenings over the course of the year. I truly believe in the healing capacity of the hemp plant, and the amazing role it plays in supporting our bodies.


Our Founder


Our Network

Rae Broderick 

Wellness Advisor 

Yoga guide, holistic health coach, applied astrologist, meditation writer + mama based in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.

Rae provides us with advice and perspective on wellness aspects across food, lifestyle, movement, and mindfulness. 

Here at Eliza & Wyld we look to our friends for guidance.

We understand that wellness is not just about one single thing you do, but the whole approach.


We have crafted a team of advisors who are helping us orient our products and our brand to heal the whole self - mind, body and soul. 

Misty Gant

Herbalism Advisor 

Certified integrative wellness coach, herbalist and doula based in Brooklyn, NY.

Misty provides us with resources and inspiration for plant-based and herbal remedies to support female health & vitality.

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